After taking heavy hits from the American public, Ice Cube has been on a publicity tour to clarify his involvement with the Trump administration. We've witnessed as the rap legend has stood accused of endorsing or partnering with Trump for Cube's "Contract With Black America." Despite the Republican Party openly thanking Cube for his support, the rap mogul has made it clear that he doesn't support the 45th President of the United States. He also stated that both campaigns, Trump and Biden's, reached out to him, but while Biden wanted to wait until after the election to discuss the "Contract With Black America," Trump's team wanted to connect immediately.

Ice Cube, Contract With Black America, Cocktails With Queens, Black Women
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

Ice Cube talked about his initiative with the ladies of Cocktails with Queens, including his Player's Club friend LisaRaye McCoy. During the discussion, the women wanted to know why Cube didn't include Black women in his "Contract With Black America." Cube said, "You are mentioned. When you mention Black people you mentioning Black women, so don't count yourself out."

This caused everyone to talk over one another as some of the women disagreed while Cube stuck to his guns. He told them they could write something up if they wanted, but Claudia Jordan told him that because he took on the responsibility to write up the "CWBA," he should amend it. "I'll write up the Black woman's part of the contract for you," stated Cube.

"You guys are the experts, but here we go again. Just want to talk, nobody want to help me, but y'all the experts on Black women so why won't y'all help me. That's the problem." Check out Ice Cube's appearance below.