Throughout his longstanding career, Ice Cube has used his platform to bring attention to issues prevalent to the Black community. Cube has used his lyrics, and now social media, to take a stance against and to advocate for certain political ideals, and some of his recent messages have stirred up controversy. The support of Minister Louis Farrakhan has caused Ice Cube to face accusations of anti-Semitism, while some of his tweets have fans labeling him as a political conspiracy theorist. In order to clear the air about his statements, Ice Cube visited Red Table Talk.

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Tibrina Hobson / Stringer / Getty Images

Political commentator and CEO of REFORM Alliance Van Jones, NFL star Brandon Marshall, and Ice Cube join the virtual episode of Red Table Talk where they discussed what's unraveled in the culture throughout 2020 as well as what is to come in the voting season. Recently, Ice Cube revealed his "Contract for Black America" plan and on tomorrow's' (October 6) episode, the rapper is asked about what led to him creating that incentive.

"[When] I seen that with George Floyd, it kind of shook me to my core. Seeing a man face down on the ground like that with this White officer looking into the camera just taking a Black man's life," said Cube. "Having a man scream for his mama, it just reminded me of stories I heard of when a slave would get out of line and they would pull everybody around to show the discipline and made everybody watch to live that horror."

Ice Cube said after that, he canceled his plans and appearances. "I couldn't take it no more," he added. "I was so mad and so hurt, but then I was like, something needs to be done." Check out snippets of Brandon Marshall and Ice Cube below, and make sure to tune into Red Table Talk tomorrow at 9a PST/12p EST on Facebook Watch.