Ice Cube is a proud man, and for good reason. The legendary icon has proven one of hip-hop's formidable warriors, having once done battle with four opponents at once. Such lyrical swordsmanship is enough to solidify his place within the history books; while Cube's affable nature and ubiquitous charisma may have led many to lower their guard, the lingering effects of "No Vaseline" can still be felt to this day. Should you have forgotten the scathing anti-NWA anthem, Cube himself will be more than happy to remind you.

Now, in the wake of Machine Gun Kelly's "Rap Devil," Ice Cube has taken to Twitter to reflect on his glory days. In response to a fan citing MGK's Eminem attack as hip-hop's definitive diss track, Cube weighed in with his own perspective. "Yeah right," explains Cube, responding directly to the "Rap Devil" fan. "One on one will never beat one against four (plus Jerry Heller). Murdered the track, killed the group. Game over." The man has a point, and even if you weren't around during the "No Vaseline" era, the NWA biopic "Straight Outta Compton" has an amazing scene depicting the group's reaction.

In any case, don't get Cube twisted. He once went to war with a group of four and came out unscathed. Few can boast such accolades.