While Instagram serves many purposes, it provides an outlet for rappers to connect with their fans on a deeper level. For some, that means sharing pictures from the personal collection, the likes of which might have once been reserved for a family-and-friends-only photo album. The legendary Ice Cube, who just finished celebrating his 51st birthday yesterday, recently took to his own page to share a few snapshots from the vault.

Ice Cube

Al Pereira/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

The first took place back in 1987, during Ice Cube's prom night. While the picture is a blast from the past in itself, it's the backstory that ties it all together. "Prom Night 1987," captions Cube. "Greenfield, K-Dee & me. Had to take my X- girlfriend. We just broke up 5 days before and Mom’s still made me take her. PISSED. That’s my Bug in the background." It's unclear what's a more amusing mental image -- that of Cube scowling alongside his ex-girlfriend, or Cube cruising around in a Volkswagon Beetle.

The second post took place on April 26th, 1992, during Ice Cube's wedding with Kimberly Woodruff. "A riot & a wedding," captions the N.W.A icon, alongside a few pictures from the big day. The first, Cube alongside his groomsmen. The second, Cube and his wife during their first dance as a married couple, a wholesome moment from one of gangsta rap's pioneers. Check out the pictures for yourself, and show some love to Cube in the comments below.