Over the past few weeks, Ice Cube's been in full promo mode for his recently released album Everythang's Corrupt. He's been hitting the late-night TV circuit, performing on The Tonight Show last week and last night, performing at The Late Late Show. During his appearance on James Corden late-night talk show, Ice Cube recalled the time N.W.A resorted to iHop's after they were denied entry into their own listening party.

Ice Cube took a trip down memory lane to recount the time that N.W.A. got denied into their own listening party for their debut album at a Beverly Hills nightclub. The rapper said that things were already off to a bad start once Eazy E made them late. However, once they arrived, Cube and co. had to get through the security team who weren't budging.

"We show up, it's a pretty swanky -- like, you gotta have your Easter shoes on and stuff like that, you know? We come in khaki's and Chuck's, and you know... They like, 'what the hell?'" Cube recalled before explaining how security thought they were gangbangers trying to get into the establishment. "The owner [of the label] came out, trying to convince security to let us in. They like, 'nope. We done seen this before.' So we ended up going to iHop and just, fussing about it... Yeah, it was terrible."

Peep the clip below along with Ice Cube's performance of "The New Funkadelic."