It was a sad, somber day on Sunday when the news broke that beloved rapper and philanthropist Nipsey Hussle was shot and killed outside of his store in Los Angeles. Nipsey was heralded in the community for his numerous charitable endeavors and devotion to giving back to the community. The incident occurred in front of Hussle's clothing store "Marathon" which is located on the corner of Crenshaw Blvd and Slauson Ave in the Hyde Park district of Los Angeles. Thanks to Nipsey's status as a beacon of the community, fans launched a petition to have the street renamed "Nipsey Hussle BLVD."

In light of all of the tributes for Nipsey, TMZ caught up with rapper Ice Cube and asked him what he thought about changing the name of the street. For Ice, any tribute in Nipsey's honor is a positive and he'd be happy to say anything done. 

As for the aftermath of Nipsey's death, Ice Cube is worried that there might be even more violence in retaliation to his murder. Despite Nipsey's alleged killer Eric Holder being in jail and facing life in prison, Cube believes some bad violence could be on the horizon. For now, though, he's telling Nipsey fans to keep their head up.

If you want to see Crenshaw & Slauson renamed to "Nipsey Hussle BLVD" check out the active petition here. The petition currently has over 420,000 signatures.