It's become an indisputable fact of life that when Ice Cube speaks, it's wise to listen. We've already seen Cube emerge as a voice of authority amidst times of crisis, with his entire early solo career rife with politically-charged messages and pro-Black themes. It's no surprise that the legendary emcee has much to say considering the ongoing protests in favor of racial equality.

Ice Cube

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

But like any great rapper, Cube has no shortage of followers and fans that, rather surprisingly, seem to hold prejudices toward black people. It's become disturbingly commonplace to hear arguments like "All Lives Matter" and "But What About Black On Black Crime?" used by those seeking to disrupt an important discourse. Cube took it upon himself to dismantle said arguments, offering his take on why they stand as irrelevant.

"People always say Blacks kill Blacks more then the police," he writes, on his Twitter page. "BLACK ON BLACK CRIME = Jail Time, BLUE ON BLACK CRIME = No Jail Time (and government pays for it), THIS IS WHY PEOPLE ARE IN THE STREETS." Naturally, many of his followers took it upon themselves to argue his stance, with several attempting to pivot the discussion to "white-on-white crime."  Given that the discussion being had is not about that particular demographic, it's difficult to understand why it continues to be used so frequently. Perhaps Ice Cube has no choice but to start breaking out the scowl, a gaze only to be used in emergencies only.