Unlikely besties Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart's friendship is airtight, so much so that when Ellen DeGeneres needed a guest host for her show, she received a two-for-one deal. Martha and Snoop co-hosted Ellen, and together they interview Snoop's longtime friend and collaborator, Ice Cube. The Southern California rap icons flanked the retail mogul as she pegged Cube with questions about her Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party co-star. 

Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

Cube recalled first meeting Snoop decades ago when the Long Beach rapper dropped his debut studio album back in 1993. "He was doing a release party for Doggystyle on a boat," Ice Cube said. "Some kinda yacht when he first started. I quickly said what's up to Snoop [and] got off that yacht 'cause I knew it was gon' be lit before it left the dock. I'm like, 'I'm not gettin' in the water with Death Row!' And so, it was cool. He showed a lot of love. He always showed a lot of love. Nothing but love and respect."

"I've seen this man come a long way," Cube continued. "Very proud of my man Snoop." Martha wanted to know what moment with Snoop Dogg was Ice Cube's favorite. "Going on tour with Snoop. I love touring with Snoop," said Cube. "Snoop has a party backstage before he hit the stage." Martha interjected that she's been experiencing that backstage craziness with Snoop, as well. 

Watch Ice Cube praise Snoop below and see what else he had to say about the passing of Kobe Bryant.