Kanye West has caused yet another media storm thanks to his White House visit. While some, like Azealia Banks, are in favor of the rapper's efforts, many others are speaking out against this political association. Ice-T is part of those who believe Kanye West has no business dealing with president Donald Trump.

Ice-T took time to give his opinion concerning the infamous meeting. He makes it clear that he ain't here for it.

"There's no way in God's earth that I would meet Donald Trump. I don't see the sense in talking to someone who you obviously can't change their mind, who obviously already has their opinion about us, you know, being the Black community or whatever. I don't see any use in it. Trump will take advantage of you. He'll use you.  He'll use you for his photo op. You'll put on his hat for a minute, throw it to the side and he's back to his bullsh*t."

The rapper insists he is nothing like Kanye West and his relationship with CoCo shouldn't be compared to that of the Wests. His view on the current climate differs greatly from Ye's.

"Let's put it this way. There's a hurricane, right? There's people in danger. It's a serious issue. Why the f*ck you meeting with a rat?"