Throughout the entirety of his decadeslong career, Ice-T has always stood up for injustices against marginalized groups. The rap icon gave us "Cop Killer" with Body Count, and while he plays a detective on television as a long-standing character on Law & Order: SVU, in real life, Ice-T will march alongside anyone who opposes violent or oppressive forces implemented by the boys in blue.

Theo Wargo / Staff / Getty Images 

On Wednesday (May 27), in the wake of the police-involved murder of George Floyd, Ice-T took to his Twitter account to share his anger. "ICE Cold Fact: If you wanna get someone Mad about Racism, Sexism, etc…… Tell em it Doesn’t Exist," the rapper said. "This kills me: People say.. 'You made it! You’re successful! I’m White and I’m still struggling.. So there must not be any racism!!' Smh... I was watching a movie and a man asked another if he was racist.. His answer was… 'It depends what Race..' I think that sums up America."

Recently, Tekashi 6ix9ine pointed out that Ice-T's character is an officer after the rapper vocalized his displeasure with the rainbow-haired star. Ice-T made sure to include those who may criticize him for the same thing in his Twitter rant. "I play a Cop on TV… But I’ll NEVER stop speaking about injustice… EVER. F that." Ice-T capped off his series of tweets by writing, "If ANYTHING I Tweet offends you…. Please UNFOLLOW.. It’s that simple.. Have a nice day." Read through the rap legend's tweets below.