Ice-T has always been incredibly proud of his now 21-year run as Detective Odafin Tutuola on NBC's Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and he's never hesitated to defend it. Most notably, he's stepped in to condemn former Presidents for misappropriating the name and advocated for black empowerment and black stories on the show. Fans know not to get in between the actor and his show, but one critic made that embarrassing mistake this week. After the critic, journalist Lauren Wolfe, tweeted: "how is it that Ice-T never gets any better on SVU?", the actor quickly delivered a flaming response with "how is it that your **** smells worst every day?"

Ice-T has a history of beefing over the internet, though usually with higher-profile people on the other side. Of the few to name, the actor's beef with Soulja Boy became pretty volatile as well as fellow rapper/actor LL Cool J. However, it's clear that his stint at Law & Order is something he's proud of and won't let any haters get in his way. 

Ice-T has been nominated for four Image awards for his role in Law & Order and won once for "Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Role". The 22nd season of the show premiered in November and the show has been cleared for another two seasons post-season finale.  

Though the tweets have been deleted, you can check them out down below. Do you think Ice-T deserves credit for his acting?