While Ice-T's turn as Detective Fin Tutuola on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has no doubt endeared the rapper to law enforcement nationwide, it would appear that fondness can only go so far. According to TMZ, the legendary rapper turned actor was nabbed by officers for an admittedly innocuous reason, and one that will likely yield little to no serious consequence for Ice.

Apparently, the rapper was on the way to the SVU set when he crossed the George Washington Bridge without paying the appropriate toll. The report claims that Ice-T was in the E-ZPass, which is designed for transmitter-based payments. Unfortunately for Ice-T, he forgot to install a transmitter in his brand new McLaren. He proceeded to zoom through, and was eventually pulled over by police. Witnesses say the "Law and Order" theme music was played during the arrest, though such claims cannot be corroborated. 

They proceeded to nail him for ducking the toll, as well as driving an unregistered vehicle. Other than that, nothing came from the incident, and Ice-T was released to flex his acting chops once again. Salute to Ice-T.