Yesterday Ice T shared an image of his wife Coco laying in bed with his daughter and their dog and it seemingly got a lot of attention since Coco was topless and the photo showed her nipple. "I wake up every morning with 3 girls..... lol #TheIceFamily," Ice T captioned the image. The image received some backlash that Ice T wasn't fully aware of and the rapper-turned-actor took some time to respond to tweets regarding the photo. 

One user, who has since deleted their tweet, clearly called out the visibility of Coco's nipple that sparked Ice T in giving them a lesson on the human body. "Lol…. You’re looking hard…. PS.. Women have nipples," he wrote. 

Ice T responded to another Twitter user who was confused about the picture - "May I ask what’s your problem?" 

At the end of the day, Ice T doesn't seem to care what people have to say about his modern day family photo and a few users even love the image.

"Just read an article on Facebook about the backlash. Bullshit, personally I see no problems with the picture. Beautiful, loving family," one wrote, while another added: "Most people seem distracted by the nipple, almost as if they've never seen one in real life. I, however, see the beauty, peace & love."