Sometimes, it can be a little surprising to see what kind of content people are interested in. When Ice-T tweeted out that he doesn't eat bagels and never has, he likely wasn't expecting it to cause such a stir. After all, different people have different taste buds. Some things just aren't for everybody. Law & Order fans took the statement as a challenge to debunk the myth but it turns out he may have actually been telling the truth.

In reality, who really cares if Ice-T has never eaten a bagel or drank a cup of coffee in his life. In his words, "Twitter must be bored as F today" because somehow, this became a big issue for people. Vulture even launched an investigation into the matter after one fan noted that he's eaten a cinnamon raisin bagel on TV. After looking through the tape, they determined that he never actually took a bite.

People are left with plenty of questions after the revelation. Like, what does Ice-T, and his SVU character Fin, actually eat? As a New Yorker, we're led to believe that his character on the long-running show definitely eats bagels. This has been a startling revelation for fans of the program though.

If you care, you can watch the evidence below that he never actually ate the bagel...