Chris Brown often shows off his daily adventures life through a very eclectic Instagram feed. However, among the more frequent appearances on his Instagram feed, are his array of foreign or custom-designed cars. 

The “Go Crazy” singer has been showing off his party side too, of course. From enjoying nights out with his fellow "No Guidance" collaborator Drake, to effortlessly hitting the Ski Challenge for fun, to cute photos of his two children, Breezy's Instagram knows no bounds (or cohesive theme).

While we anticipate what Breezy's next Instagram post may bring us yet, we've decided to hone in on his insane collection of cars. Scroll through the list below, and let us know which vehicle is the nicest.

Hop Out

Breezy relaxes in one of his many whips. There's nothing like a classic red leather interior.

Psychedelic Vibes

This color flip LW Lamborghini Huracan has one of the freshest wraps we've ever seen.

Not Regular

This custom Widebody Bentley Bentayga with custom graphics is certainly interesting.

Mini Tank

To celebrate Chris Brown's 20-year mark in the music industry, Kanye West gifted the singer with a tank-like SHERP all-terrain truck.

Beware of Dawg

The Virginia native poses with his Mustang Shelby GT500, and to no surprise with yet another custom wrap.

Shelby Cobra

A close-up of his custom Mustang. He loves his babies!

Car Selfies

We think he compliments the red interior pretty well.

Breezy On A Bus

A fan spray painted Chris on double-decker bus. Amazing.

Quarantine Hangs

Chris paid more than $350K for this bulletproof Rezvani Tank. The vehicle also includes smoke screens, self-deployable spike strips, thermal night vision, and electric door handles to protect him from intruders.

Garage Hangs

Breezy enjoys a bowl of Apple Jacks in front of his rare Widebody Purple Lamborghini Aventador SV. This car usually sells for around $500K.


The singer manages to stay in his natural habitat, amongst a sea of dope vehicles.