After a fling with French Montana, Iggy Azalea now has a new boy toy in her life. LJay Currie is just 19 years old, and the former college basketball prospect graduated high school in 2015, according to his ESPN recruiting profile. He's now a music producer, in addition to being Iggy's main squeeze; or maybe it's the other way around -- due to the positioning of his hands during their recent yacht vacation in Mexico. 

While the new couple showed extensive PDA in Mexico, they were much more camera-shy when they were spotted after a dinner date Beverly Hills last night. They attempted to sneak out the back kitchen, but the paps noticed them weaving by the dumpsters in an attempt to make it into their getaway vehicle. LJay even tried to shield his young mug from the flashing lights. See all of the pics here

Last week, he was much more eager to get into the headlines. He even posted an Instagram picture of himself wearing some of Iggy's jewelry -- the same ice that was given to her by French. In the same post, he quoted a savage Offset line. This prompted us to ask: Young LJay, why you trappin' so hard? We're unaware of any of his music work, though perhaps his snagging of a celeb seven years his senior is evidence of his talent.