Iggy Azalea first got "Live Love A$AP" tattooed on her fingers when she was rumored to be dating ASAP Rocky in 2011, but soon regretted it after the two parted ways. She's since done her best to cancel out the ink, first crossing out the "A$AP" portion, then removing the exed-out name entirely in December.

A recent photo suggests that Azalea has now gone ahead and removed the "Live" and "Love" tattoos, sporting some fresh band-aids on her fingers where the ink had been drawn.

Seeing that she's now in a serious relationship with NBA player, Nick Young, it makes sense that she'd want to go ahead with taking Rocky's album name off her body. 

Who knows, there could be a brand new "Swaggy P" tatt lying under the bandages. Of course, we won't know until we hear it from Azalea herself, or we get another close up her hand when it's healed.

Check out the photo in the gallery above.