Last night, Iggy Azalea brought her latest single "Sally Walker" to Jimmy Kimmel Live. Donning a red ensemble, the Australian rapper led a spirited dance troupe, which included “RuPaul’s Drag Race” star Miss Vanjie. Taking place at the Zappos Theater in Las Vegas, Iggy showcased some of her signature moves, playing ringleader with a practiced performer's confidence. 

Andrew Toth/Getty Images

The performance comes on the heels of a disturbing claim, in which Iggy Azalea professed to be at war with the ominous they. Alluding to a blackball at play, Iggy vowed to come out on top, persevering despite the interference of meddling parties."One thing ya gotta know about me is you can try to stomp out my fire but I’m always gonna keep popping back up," she wrote, via Twitter. "I hear about so many higher up ppl tryna stomp on my neck thinking it won’t get back to me. It does. But you know what? You might be powerful but I know me & everyone supporting gonna keep going regardless. All my battles will be fought with positivity."

All things considered, Iggy appears willing to prove her word, moving forward with a performance of her recent "Sally Walker" single. Check out the footage of the performance below, courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live's YT.