Iggy Azalea has lost all of the baby weight she put on, plus an additional twenty pounds, and she wants to find a way to stop losing so much weight.

The Aussie rap star is a first-time mother and she's still learning about how her body reacts to birthing a child. Welcoming baby Onyx into the world with her ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti, Iggy pointed out to her fans that, since giving birth, she's been a weight-loss machine. However, she's not even trying to shed the extra pounds. In fact, she's twenty pounds lighter than she was when she got pregnant, so she's worried about what's going on with her body.

She took to Twitter to ask for some advice.

"Any other moms who can’t stop dropping weight after having a baby? (Not a brag, genuinely wanna hear if you had this happen)," asked Iggy. "I don’t try/want to lose weight but it’s literally just shedding off me, is it hormonal? Should I be concerned? 20lbs lighter than pre baby and counting."

People in her replies are telling her that this is normal because of the breastfeeding process, but that she should stop losing weight so quickly after six weeks. Others are suggesting that she should consult her doctor, pointing out that some women experience a thyroid condition after childbirth, which could be contributing to her high-rate weight loss.

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

In recent weeks, Iggy has been weighing in on politics, using her social media page to criticize Donald Trump, celebrating Biden's win on TikTok by twerking. Her world-famous booty remained intact despite the weight loss.