There was a time when Iggy Azalea was certain she would be single forever but clearly things have changed as she's now boo'd up with Playboi Carti. Iggy shared her first picture with the "Poke It Out" rapper on Instagram, and although it was all kinds of cute, it brought on all kinds of trolls. One user commented "Looking for a bag I see," that fueled Iggy to clap back. 

After claiming she made more than Playboi, telling the hater to go fact check, she was proven wrong since Google showed that Playboi is worth $9 million while she's worth $6 million. Whatever the case, Iggy's still holding onto what she claims to be true even if Google states otherwise. "I'm 100% sure I know what we both have; I've been in the game longer although it's not about that at all...but please don't ever try to play me when it comes to my bag cuz one thing I DONT need is a man for money."

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