Yesterday Iggy Azalea uploaded a throwback photo to Instagram of her younger self rocking a blue wig and a pink boa. Unfortunately, she deleted the cute photo but today she uploaded a new picture to her feed of her current self with pink hair. The new look is a good one for the "Fancy" rapper and her captionless post leaves fans guessing if it's just for fun or part of new video or project she may have in the works. 

Iggy has recently confirmed her relationship with Playboi Carti and already she's had to clap back at trolls who have something to say about the age difference - Iggy is 28-years-old and Playboi is 22-years-old (according to Google). "Y'all act like he's some lil kid that just left school or I'm some old ass woman. We are both in our 20s, get off my nutz," she replied to a user on Instagram. 

Even before the age trolling, Iggy had time to put people in place who said she was with the rapper for money. "I'm 100% sure I know what we both have; I've been in the game longer although it's not about that at all...but please don't ever try to play me when it comes to my bag cuz one thing I DONT need is a man for money," she said