Oh boy, did Playboi Carti ever wrong Iggy Azalea... Iggy went on a tweet spree last night in the midst of her baby daddy's latest album release, stealing some of the spotlight and calling him out, accusing Carti of cheating on her for her entire pregnancy, revealing that he asked them to have a child, and alleging that the rapper ditched them on Christmas Day, for which they were planning a family vacation for baby Onyx's first December 25, to chill with the woman he cheated on her with. 

As all of that was happening, fans began reacting to Iggy Azalea's claims on social media, as well as the overall reception for Whole Lotta Red in its infancy stages. While this will surely leave a mark on Iggy's heart, she is still trying to make this day as special as it can be, especially considering the fact that it's her first Christmas with her baby boy. 

This morning, the Aussie rapper shared some new pictures of Onyx, who she previously pledged to keep out of the public eye. Perhaps that was one of Carti's wishes because Iggy dropped three adorable new pics of their child on Instagram. 

"The only person who can make me smile with teeth daily," wrote Iggy online, posing in front of a bunch of Louis Vuitton goodies. "Merry Christmas to everyone!" 

Then, she shared a picture of Onyx with Santa Claus, telling the world that "he's not too sure about Santa yet" because of his quizzical look.

She finished off the trilogy with a super-cute picture of Onyx in her arms, which is a little old. "An oldie but a goodie. Gotta complete the row! Sorry to spam," she wrote.

Christmas Day may not have turned out the way it should have for Iggy & Co. but at least she's got Onyx to keep that toothy smile on her face.