Iggy Azalea is fresh out of her relationship with Playboi Carti, raising her son Onyx by herself and focusing on her new life as a single mother. While. she surely would have liked things to work out differently with the Die Lit rapper, she has said that Carti is still in Onyx' life and loves him very much, which is nice to hear.

While her music may not be as popular as during the "Fancy" days, Iggy is still one of the most well-known women in rap. She'll always have a platform due to her past success and, equally, she'll never stop making music and scratching her creative itch.


With an album on the way for next year, Iggy made sure to tease her fans with a snippet of a song that she's really been pushing, previewing it in each one of the last three months, showing that she has some major "Attitude".

Just waking up, Iggy didn't bother to change into any clothes to share the preview. She layed in bed, lip-synced to some of the words, and let the hype build itself as she shared a video to Instagram Stories.


"Woke up this morning with a motherfucking attitude/Woke up this morning with your baby daddy mad at you," raps the Aussie star.

This song is expected to be included on her next studio album, which is due out in 2021.

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