Mariah Carey, OutKast, and... Iggy Azalea? Now that Ariana Grande and Iggy's song "Prolem" has replaced Charli XCX and Iggy's "Fancy" at the top of the charts, that's the list of the only artists in history to replace themselves with number one songs. Mariah did it in 1995 with "Fantasy" and "One Sweet Day, and Three Stacks and Big Boi did it in 2003-2004 with "Hey Ya!" and "The Way You Move."

When 'Problem" first rose up to the number two spot a few weeks ago, Iggy joined The Beatles as the only artist to simultaneous have the top two songs in the country with their first two entries on the chart.

Though the hip-hop community hasn't fully accepted Iggy, the mainstream pop world has, and she's making history very early on in her career.