She has previously voiced concerns over payola in the industry, and Iggy Azalea feels justified by a new exposé published by Rolling Stone. The outlet has made repeated articles about the alleged pay-for-play scandals that continue in the music industry although there are rules and laws in place to keep that from happening. Still, Rolling Stone has made claims that payola is alive and well, and they dropped a few names of artists and labels who have been benefiting from pay-to-play on radio stations and streaming services, including G-Eazy.

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Iggy Azalea caught heat some time ago for alleging that streaming platforms were inflating numbers. "Y'all act like it's not a thing. It is a thing & it's not even being monitored yet the way radio payola is at least policed," the rapper previously tweeted. After reading through this latest report, Azalea felt justified and returned with a few more thoughts. 

Iggy retweeted the link to Rolling Stone's article and added, "Remember when the internet said I was making up that streaming has payola worse than radio. [upside down smiley face emoji]," wrote Azalea. "Glad someone’s starting to expose the secret world of streaming and 'curators' it’s time." Check out a few of Iggy's old posts about payola as well as her new tweets below and let us know if you believe streaming numbers when they're announced.

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