Iggy Azalea made the Late Late Show her very own starry step stool. Her constant push on television is fast becoming an act of trickery to her fans who expect something in return. Her upcoming album is in my estimation maybe 4 or 5 tracks off the mark of completion. Never the less, an Iggy appearance makes for good television, she brings the whole song and dance, and her outfitting is the stuff of legend. 

Iggy debuted her new pink hair extendos along with slit pants and her single "Savior" she's been pushing since January. Her performance was kept simple by a lack of outward movement. She made up for it by serving face on more than one occasion, the camera capturing a whole-scene image of her backup only when they threw their hands up in religious exaltation.

"Savior" is a record with personal implications for the Aussie-born rapper. Her struggle to piece together her project is dwarfed by real issues at home, which have no doubt taken the wind out of her sails. Her admission of struggles with depression has no doubt helped her clear up public perception of her career, but has also given her a strong impetus to move forward. 

Watch the full clip below.