Parents consistently lament over how quickly children grow up, and Iggy Azalea is no different than the rest. In June 2020, the Australian rapper revealed that she'd given birth to her baby boy Onyx, a child that she shares with ex-boyfriend Playboi Carti. Iggy has given sneak peeks at her home life as a first-time mom, and recently, she once again shared photos of her baby boy.

Iggy Azalea, Playboi Carti, Onyx, Baby
David Becker / Stringer / Getty Images

The rapper posted a series of pictures from Onyx's early days, and in the caption, she wrote about how big he's growing. "Photo dump//mommy & onyx 2020. I really Can’t believe how fast time flys, he looks like a toddler now days! Just yesterday you were a tiny ball in my arms," Iggy said. "I love you always, all the ways."

Meanwhile, Iggy and Carti have been at odds. Azalea, who was once fiercely private about the goings-on in her personal life, aired out her dirty laundry with her ex. Not only did she accuse him of infidelity, Iggy claimed he decided to miss the Christmas holiday with her and Onyx in order to party with the woman he allegedly cheated with while celebrating his album release. 

Swipe to check out more baby photos of little Onyx with his famous mom below.