Earlier today, Nicki Minaj set Twitter ablaze when she chose to speak on her feud against Cardi B one more time on Queen Radio. She told her fans that she wouldn't be speaking on the situation any longer, choosing to release her heaviest ammunition when she offered $100K for somebody to leak video of Rah Ali beating up Cardi after the shoe-throwing incident. She claims that the two have had private conversations about what went down and that she has no reason to be mad at Bardi. Fans of both artists believed that Iggy Azalea was stepping into the beef with one of her tweets from today but the Aussie is defusing that situation quickly.

The tweet in question reads, "Mad funny how people talk shit about someone but dick ride on sight." Considering the timing, many believed she was speaking on the Cardi & Nicki situation but according to the Survive The Summer rapper, they're mistaken. "Literally NOTHING I tweet has to do with Nicki or cardi," wrote the artist in a since-deleted message. "Please leave me out of the crazy fan twitter world shit. I’m happily living my own life and lamenting on the things that go on in it like everyone else. There’s no shade to anyone on my feed."

This wouldn't be the first time Iggy comments on a buzzing rap beef as she spoke out after being name-dropped on Eminem's "Killshot." Do you think Iggy is just saving face or was she really not throwing shade?