Many of us go weeks, months, or even a full year without updating our social feeds. It's just not that important for some people. At the end of the day, who really cares what you ate for lunch today? When you live in the public eye, things can be a little different. Days feel like weeks and weeks feel like months. Sometimes, there's so much news flowing that it's difficult to remember what happened on the same day. When she's not releasing music, you can usually count on Iggy Azalea to post a few shots per week on Instagram, showing off her body by the pool or anywhere really. She was silent for over a month on the platform but she's officially returned and she's still looking good.

The Australian rapper's return to Instagram happened with a photo of herself in some funky shades and a tiny white crop top. She quickly followed it up in a baby blue lace bodysuit, showing off her trademark curves while hitting a pose to accentuate her body. The second of which serves as somewhat of a Fashion Nova advertisement with Iggy shouting out the buzzing brand in her caption. 

Despite a short absence, the Aussie looks to be back in full force. Did you miss her or could you do without her for a while longer?