If your wish this Christmas was for some hip-hop drama, let's just say you got blessed this season! The still-ongoing social media war between Iggy Azalea and baby daddy Playboi Carti, which now includes a whole sidechick reportedly named Brandi, now includes a pretty wild claim that Iggy had to hide the pregnancy altogether so it didn't interrupt with the release of Whole Lotta Red.

Iggy Azalea Hid Pregnancy Support Playboi Carti Career
Image: Matt Jelonek/Wire Image/Getty

Although the album has officially dropped as of today, leaving a few fans not too happy withy the results after waiting for so long, Whole Lotta Red had such a loose release date that it could have dropped at any point this year. Withy that said, it would make sense that him and his team might not want a pregnancy announcement to interrupt the press. At the same time, an album drop over the birth of your own kid? Apparently that's what Iggy is claiming Carti made as a priority.

While going Live on IG, The New Classic rapper spoke very candidly about her frustrations with Playboi Carti as a father, saying, "I Kept my pregnancy hidden the whole time - I never wanted to keep my pregnancy hidden the whole time." She spoke further on that claim as well, adding, "I thought once I started showing that I would be able to announce it and be happy, but this man kept saying that he was dropping an album and he didn't want my baby announcement to interfere with his album and whatnot."  Again, very harsh for the sake of an album that might have been a whole lotta hype to begin with. Such is life in the world of your favorite rappers!

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