In their latest ad campaign, "The Real Life Series," the world's largest furniture retailer, IKEA, has recreated the sets of three very popular TV series from their catalogue of home paraphernalia. Fans of the shows Stranger ThingsThe Simpsons, and the hit 90s sitcom Friends are sure to be excited with the reveal, which features hyper-realistic replicas of the the three iconic living room layouts. 

Sifting through thousands of products in their catalogue range to create the sets for their campaign, the Stranger Things’ living room and ouji wall glows with the same vigor as Joyce Byers looking for her lost son in the upside down, while The Simpsons’ quintessentially titled boat frame stares back at you. Then, perhaps the most perfectly styled room of all, the one designed to feel the most "normal" — the Friends 90s-inspired apartment, with almost every detail (down to Monica's memorable bright purple walls) down to a T.

It appears IKEA does not have a deal in place with any of the aforementioned shows and named the room sets, respectively, the "room for everyone," the "room for families," and the "room for mates." You can check out previews for the setups below, or the full campaign here.