About Illangelo

For those unfamiliar, Carlo Montagnese, AKA Illangelo, is a Torontonian multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and audio engineer most known for his collaborative work with fellow Canadian artist The Weeknd. 

Throughout his young career, he's aided in the soundtracking of projects from M.I.A., Ricky Hil, Wiz Khalifa, The Airplane Boys, Drake, Lady Gaga, Florence And The Machine, K-OS and more.

The last we heard of Illangelo was his February 2013 single "What The Fuss", which featured vocalist Rochelle Jordan on the assist. He also recently decided to unleash a series of demos from the pre-House Of Balloons era, circa 2010 (they're all available on his Bandcamp page.) Stay tuned for updates on his career, y'all, and hit up illangelo.com for more information.

Facts Only

  • Illangelo's production arsenal includes synthesizers, turntables, pianos, samplers, drums and trumpets.
  • He co-produced Wiz Khalifa's "Remember You", from his 2012 album O.N.I.F.C.
  • Illangelo's debut album History Of Man is a "literary, visual and audio narrative" inspired by John Milton's 'Paradise Lost'.
  • He co-produced M.I.A.'s "Exodus" and "Sexodus", from her 2013 album Matangi.
  • 2010 was a crucible year for Illangelo, an infinite series of voice messages and a hallway of locked doors.
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