Love him or hate him, LeBron James has been hailed as one of the NBA's greatest players of all time. The Akron, Ohio native is respected on and off of the court for his basketball skills, philanthropic efforts, altruistic nature, and of course, Taco Tuesday videos. His former Cleveland Cavaliers teammate, Iman Shumpert, sat down with Vlad TV to discuss what it was like ballin' in the paint with the basketball icon.

Iman Shumpert, LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
Kevin C. Cox / Staff / Getty Images

Shumpert recalled moving form the New York Knicks to the Cavaliers and joining forces with LeBron. "It felt weird," Shumpert said of the early days. "But Bron has a very genuine characteristic. It's like, he has to share basketball knowledge. It might be his biggest superpower, his ability to get everybody on the same page. It's actually kinda scary. He can explain this game forward and backward."

The free-agent went on to call LeBron's basketball IQ "unbelievable." Shumpert said James knows the "playbook, knows where everybody's supposed to be, know the other team's coach's playbook, style of coaching, how his ball club's gonna play." He added that it's amazing that LeBron James can know intimate knowledge of every player's strengths and weaknesses around the court and how their coaches are going to move because of Bron's passion, skill, and talent of the game. "Make me feel like I didn't do my homework!" Watch Iman Shumpert praise LeBron James below and check out what else he had to say about playing alongside Carmelo Anthony.