IMDb is essentially but one of two impartial Web-based resources movie-goers can rely upon in a crunch. But even a proven commodity like IMDb isn't completely immune to fiscal growth. Turns out, someone over at IMDb had the bright idea expanding the project, beyond its stated purpose as all-knowing movie database. As of this writing, IMDb will have launched their very own ad-based streaming platform, separate, but not completely divorced from the database itself. 

The app they've named Freedive supports a fairly deep library of film titles, right from the jump - some of which include MementoResident Evil: Apocolypse, and True Romance, to name a few. But that's not all, Freedive also supplies subscribers with plenty of TV content as well. But neither of those propositions is really central to the operation. 

IMDb isn't exactly trying to cut into Netflix's market share, not at all. In fact, Freedive is being marketed to the TV-Movie fanatic who subscribes to multiple channels at once, from a place of privilege and convenience. The new platform also has something for the purists at heart: video content native to the IMDb creative department, like celebrity interviews, and behind the scenes footage (casting calls, production stuff) where applicable. And because IMDB is owned by Amazon, and therefore less impartial than it might seem, Freedive should profit from a running headstart and tons of readily-available content, shared in part by their sponsors.