With the NFL season about five months away, teams throughout the league are looking at creative ways to market themselves ahead of the new season. One of those ways is through rebrands. Some teams do it right, while others fail miserably. One of the best ways to drum up excitement for your team is by switching up the uniforms and giving fans something new and exciting to look at. Not to mention, creating new jerseys forces fans into buying new merch to keep up with the times. If you're a sports franchise, new uniforms are almost always a huge win.

The Indianapolis Colts understand this better than anyone and today, they unveiled their brand new jerseys. Upon looking at these, you might think that nothing has changed. Once you take a closer look, you realize that the Colts decided to go with a more subtle approach. 

In the tweet above, it is explained that the Colts changed up the number font, as well as the typing on the "Colts" writing at the front of the helmet. Not to mention, the Colts have revamped the Nike swoosh that appears on the shoulders.

Overall, these uniforms are pretty clean and stay in line with the team's blue and white tradition. If you're a fan, you really can't be mad at these.