A reckless influencer in California claims to have been hospitalized with coronavirus shortly after he posted a video of himself licking a toilet seat in a public washroom, as part of a particularly disgusting challenge on TikTok. As clout-chasing becomes almost as dangerous of a disease as coronavirus itself, it would appear that some of the less bright folks on the Internet have decided to participate in a viral challenge on TikTok, which seems them licking the seats of public toilets, open ice cream tubs in grocery stores, and more.

Influencer GayShawnMendes toilet seat lick coronavirus hospitalized Larz TikTok viral trend hospitalized contract infectedNadine Hutton /Getty Images

However, according to reports, at least one participant is facing the consequences of his incredibly stupid actions. A 21-year-old Beverly Hills native, who goes by the name Larz on TikTok, reportedly shared a video of himself in a hospital bed on Twitter, revealing that he has "tested positive for Coronavirus." His account, @GayShawnMendes, has since been suspended.

His alleged hospitalization comes days after he posted a video of himself dragging his tongue along the seat of a toilet in a public washroom, as part of the "Coronavirus Challenge" on social media. While Larz didn't specify that his coronavirus diagnosis was in connection to this stunt, there is a high chance he contracted the virus from his nasty antics.

Another irresponsible licker, who was also technically a participant in this repulsive craze, was charged with making a terrorist threat after he filmed himself licking an entire shelf of Walmart merchandise. While the culprit, 26-year-old Cody Pfister, didn't specify that he was doing the "Coronavirus Challenge" in question, he did ask, "who's afraid of the coronavirus?" in the clip before he lathered the items in his saliva. Let's hope both of these cases are a lesson to anyone out there who was considering taking on this challenge: please don't.