Available now on Instagram, users will be able to add GIFs to their stories to really emphasize whatever thought, image, or opinion is worthy of being shared. The app has integrated the GIPHY keyboard, which can be accessed through the sticker option at the top of the Stories feature. Users will now be able to browse an expansive library of animated images that can spruce up any mundane photo or video.

Furthermore, Instagram will now accept photos and videos of any ratio to be uploaded without having to be initially cropped. The remaining area around the post will be filled with a custom colour gradient that matches the image. This feature will be uploaded to the app in the coming weeks.

Instagram seems to be constantly adding new attractions to its app in order to elevate its potential. Just recently, they introduced activity statuses to their DM feature, which will effectively make it much more difficult to ignore any personal messages sent privately. This has been criticized by users of the app, who find it a rather unnecessary update with no true purpose to the underlying objective of the application.