Blast her in the comments or shame her on the 'Gram all you want, but Amber Rose isn't afraid to flaunt her famous body on the regular. Whether you know as Kayne West's ex who infamously granted the public a sneak peek into Yeezy's bedtime activities, as the ex-wife of Wiz Khalifa, or as a model in her own right, chances are you've seen Rose bare it all. As the leader of the annual LA-based Slutwalk -a cause aimed at lifting up all women who have been judged or demeaned for their sexual behavior and preferences- the 35-year-old multi-hyphenate is completely dedicated to reconnecting ladies with their sexuality, shame-free. 

"Women are allowed to be sexual beings, at all points in our lives. It is okay," argued Rose in an interview with Refinery29. "It’s actually very healthy for your kids, if you are a single mom, for your kids to see you date. It’s okay to date as a mom. You can’t just be unhappy, and not try to go and find love just because you have a child."

No stranger to public slut-shaming, Rose added that she's happy to put up with the scrutiny in order to show other women that it's possible to persevere. "I know that I give women confidence, and in turn that makes me extremely happy," said Rose. "So I’m okay with taking all the punches and all the criticism and all the scrutiny because I’m strong enough to take it."

Emboldened by showing off her signature curves, Amber Rose is more than happy to bare it all for her millions of followers. Take a look at this collection of Rose's most curvaceous Instagram uploads. 

Bare Booty 

Who knew that vape pens could look so sexy?

Stay Warm 

According to Rose, you only need to wear a jacket if you're completely nude underneath. 

Walk With It 

These jeans are so tight they look like they're painted on--until Rose starts strutting for the cam. 


Somehow, Rose even makes playing with a garden hose look sexy. 


"Who’s getting wet this Summer?" captioned Rose alongside a snap of herself suggestively posing poolside. 

Soccer Mom

Amber Rose is here to remind you she's not your average soccer mom.


Sometimes, it's nearly impossible to believe that Amber Rose is rocking a post-baby body with a waist THAT snatched. 


What better way to advertise the Slutwalk than to pose topless for the 'Gram?


For her activist work, Rose makes sure to keep it tight. 

It Was All Yellow 

Rose is obviously not a stranger to rocking lingerie for her man.