Ammika Harris was thrust into the spotlight when the world discovered she was the mother of Chris Brown's child. To be fair, she was already a model, but once you become C Breezy's baby mama, you end up with a different sort of fame. It's to be expected, given Brown's massive and loyal fanbase.

Despite any publicized up-and-downs in the two's relationship, they seem to be on good terms these days. Chris Brown wished Ammika a happy birthday earlier in the week, referring to her as his "boo" and showering her in love: "YOU ARE LIGHT, YOU ARE LOVE, and you are BEAUTY," he wrote, all-caps included. Still, it's worth noting that the two may or may not be officially together at the moment. Neither has confirmed if they are actually romantically involved right now, but either way, they're definitely co-parenting their baby boy Aeko, who has become a frequent fixture on Chris Brown's IG page just as much as Ammika's.

No matter what their relationship status, we wanted to highlight the ample cuteness that is Ammika, as well as her baby boy with Chris Brown, Aeko, in the Instagram Gallery below. 

Yes, we're just here for the baby

Ok, we might also be here for cute underwear snaps

But also, baby

Stunning in Black & White 


The definition of pretty in pink

Apparently, also pretty in pastel

Clearly summer ready

But first, more baby Aeko cuddles