Having just dethroned fellow teeny-bop star-turned-sexy-pop-princess Selena Gomez as the most-followed celebrity on Instagram, there’s no denying that Ariana Grande’s army of fans runs deep. Captivating her ever-growing crew of Arianators with a carefully crafted personal brand supported by both the mystique of a polished pop star and the down-to-earth appeal of your average 20-something millennial, Grande is equal parts untouchable and relatable. Not afraid to go head-to-head with stans eager to criticize the "7 Rings" singer on everything from her famous ponytail to her romantic exploits, Grande is defiantly proud of the choices she makes and isn't afraid to step down from her celebrity pedestal to set the record straight. 

"Being yourself is one of the coolest things that you can do," says Grande of her unwavering commitment to authenticity. "As hard as it may be to get there, once you find that comfort, run with it."

Armed with her trademark cat-eye and iconic hairstyle, Grande keeps her millions of social media followers on the hook with a steady stream of uploads both smoldering and brazen. Keep reading for the hottest Instagram uploads from a pop star who isn't afraid to show some skin AND speak her mind.

Out Of This World 

Someone get Grande some more planet emojis, STAT.  

Excuse Me?

Clearly, Grande doesn't give her attention to just anybody. 

Thank U, Next 

There's nothing like some little over-the-shoulder attitude. 

No Shirt, No Problem 

Who needs clothes when you have bodypaint?


All Grown Up 

"Super big and mature looking," captioned Grande, a cheeky shot at those who argue that her image doesn't match her age. 

The More You Know 

"did u know the nicki minaj lyric “big titties big butt too” was actually written about ariana grande?" captioned the pop star, offering a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal to those who slam her petite shape. 


Grande knows that her look is SO polished, some may say it's fake. 


Strike A Pose 

Nothing says "Hollywood" like lounging in a leotard stained, hotel-style carpet. 

Full Glam 

If she wants it, she's got it. 

7 Rings

Pictured here on the set of her "7 Rings" music video, Grande shoots the camera a smoldering look while flanked by two of her besties.