Drake gave the internet a little bit of light when he finally unveiled a photo of his son, Adonis, shared with baby mother Sophie Brussaux. The boy became infamous when Pusha T first revealed his existence to the general public in his diss drake "The Story of Adidon." However we had yet to see a proper photo of his face until now. The boy, much to our surprise, has golden curls and bright blue eyes. He's also cute as fuck, it goes without saying.

As we do every weekend, we're giving you some easy scrolling, with an Instagram gallery dedicated to Sophie Brussaux. She's not just the mother to Adonis, but an accomplished painter, and she shares a lot of her art on Instagram, of course, sided in between shots of her physique (perhaps equally as impressive as her artwork).

Take a look at her 'Gram highlights below.

Floating her way through pregnancy

But also, serving bawdy pre-pregnancy


Busta Rhymes is a fan, apparently 

More Views, though 

Vacation Mode

Business is boomin'

Fierce pose

In her element