As the reigning grunge princess of electro-pop, singer-songwriter Halsey is an entirely different breed of Billboard-charting superstar. Biracial, bisexual and completely opposed to conforming to the people-pleasing doctrine of the music industry's top record labels, Halsey continually celebrates the fact that she doesn't fit the mold of a what a multi-platinum selling recording artist looks (or behaves) like.

Fiercely committed to protecting her authenticity, the "Without Me" singer has repeatedly revealed that she has no desire to shake up her tomboy, part masculine-presenting vibe for a more conventionally feminine image. Reminding the world time and again that her sexuality is her OWN to define, Halsey will just as easily don a wig paired with a bikini as she will upload a pic with a shaved head and combat boots. 

"Some days I am that woman who wakes up and wants to wear full glam with eyelashes and a highlight, that full face. Other days I wake up and I’m like, 'Nah.' I put on some Chapstick and leave the house. If you met one of those versions of me and you made some assumptions about me, you wouldn’t know about the other version of me," said the 24-year-old New Jersey native of her chameleon style.

"If you met me with no makeup, in my sweatpants, with my short haircut, you might be like, 'Aw, this girl is very clearly a caricature and archetype of the modern feminist.' If you met me in a dress with my push-up bra and full face of makeup, you’d have another mockery to make of me," she continued. "Let me decide if I want to be one or the other."

Check out the Instagram Gallery below to catch all of Halsey's hottest tomboyish looks. 


In this outtake from Nylon Magazine, Halsey effortlessly pulls off a sexy, biker-chic look. 


On Stage 

Halsey doesn't need glittery, skimpy outfits to get tongues wagging while on stage - joggers and a cropped tank get the job done just as well. 

Nude From The Waist Up 

With a body like Halsey's, who needs thongs?


Few pop stars can pull off a rugged camo look as flawlessly as Halsey can. 

Red Carpet 

Halsey doesn't need to hit the Grammy Awards red carpet in a designer gown when she can still serve up some serious sideboob in a pantsuit. 


Shaved head? Check. Intentional nip slip? Check. 

Beauty Standards 

Whoever thinks that you can't pair a tight-fitting dress with a clean-shaven head clearly hasn't seen this smoldering picture of the "Gasoline" singer. 

Punk Rock 

No tomboy aesthetic is complete without a pair of laced-up combat boots and a punk rock T-shirt. 


"Little nymph," captioned Halsey alongside a picture of her posing in a nude-colored, low-key outfit. 


Not surprisingly, Halsey rocks streetwear just as often as she flexes in bodycon dresses.