Mark Wahlberg is known for acting, directing, modeling, business, and singer/songwriting but motivating his Instagram followers seems to be his latest forte. He's balancing family, filming, and owning restaurants but still finds time every morning (at 4 A.M.) for a workout session. He preaches advice, certain supplements, and overall happiness to his 10.2 million Instagram followers and they listen. 

"I have a guy who works out with me in the morning now. And I have my friends who are into working out. But I have a gym at the house so I don't usually get to the gym all that often," Mark previously stated of his workout routine that has clearly not changed. "If I'm away, I'll work out with somebody. I like that back and forth, where they're pushing you or vice-versa."

We've rounded up some of Mark's workout videos filled with his routines, favourite supplements and more. Maybe you'll be joining the 4 AM club after this. 

47-day Challenge

"Stay inspired, inspire to be better."


"A Fresh Start Is A Beautiful Thing"

Mark's dropping only truth bombs here.


This one isn't a video, but we figured this fit photo was inspiration enough. 

4 AM Club, Can You Do It?

"Whenever you can."

Less Talk More Action

"Gotta get that spiritual workout."

Preaching Gratitude

It's important to take a moment to reflect, as Mark did here. 

Only Mark Can Get A Gym To Open An Hour Early

Crew workouts are always a good idea.

Happy Monday (cheat day)! 

Get you some PI Cookies to look like Mark.

If You Miss 4AM, There's Always 9:30AM

Time is just a number or something like that. 

A Family That Works Together Stays Together

Inspiring the kids.