Nicki Minaj has more or less claimed the color pink as her very own, perhaps adopting it from the Barbies through which she's also named her immense fanbase. Pink has become the unofficial-but-official color for girls everywhere, a color that the childhood Barbie toys monopolized for their dolls' design and branding, and with Nicki Minaj acting as Queen Barbz, she too now calls the color her own.

Thus, the Queen Barbz is often seen in the color. Whether it's attached to her breasts by way of barely-there pasties, or it's the color of her hair, or she's wearing a full-on outfit in the shade, we've grown familiar with the color on her. And she wears it well. To that effect, and because of Ms. Minaj's recent return to the rap game, we've decided to dedicate this weekend Instagram Gallery to Nicki Minaj and all her pink endeavours.

Enjoy the Queen Barbz in her favorite color, below.

Nicki pulls off pink stripes masterfully

Even her radio show is all-pink

Nicki got to model pink Fendi attire for the high-fashion brand

Pink hair and nails on deck

The pink glow up 

Pretty in pink for Harper's Bazaar

Pink for every music video, ever 

Repping the brand

The pink catsuit

Taking a pink bath