Despite the fact that Snoop Dogg recently gave a nod to the second single off of his debut album "Doggystyle" by snagging the Guinness world record for making the world's largest Gin & Juice cocktail, there's no question regarding what his favorite vice is. Universally acknowledged as the stoner demigod of popular culture, (sorry, Wiz Khalifa) it's clear that Uncle Snoop doesn't need the lean-laced styrofoam cups and prescription pills glamorized by the current wave of Soundcloud rappers to relax. Lighting up long before social progression garnered widespread support for marijuana use in both the medical field and as a harmless recreational hobby, the "Murder Was The Case" rapper has never been shy about his disgust for the demonization of the substance. 

"I wish [the stereotype of pot smokers] had changed 15 years ago when they was taking me to jail for it. That's neither here, nor there. It's amazing that people I am able to smoke with now [are the ones] that would have told on me or sent me to jail," said the rapper in an interview with Esquire about "Mary + Jane," an MTV comedy series that earned Snoop an executive producer credit. "Now we have nice conversations over a joint or a blunt."

"I feel like marijuana is a real peace conversation–what I mean by that is the form of peace in a conversation. Any time you have a couple of people smoking, they're never hostile or angry," continued the rapper, voicing his support of the healing effects of some quality bud. "The area that we're in now, I'm thankful that they're trying to make it legalized because, with alcohol and tobacco, you see all the tragedies that have happened with that. I'm glad that we can see something different. As far as me being on the forefront and pushing, for a long time I was on the wrong side and now I'm on the right side."

Boasting an Instagram feed that heavily features his love for quality cannabis, peep the "Doggy Dogg World" rapper's most quality stoner posts.  

Blunt Games

Captioning this post "blunt games," Snoop made it very clear that there are few pot enthusiasts (if any) that could top his roll.  

Spread Smoke, Spread Love 

According to Snoop, you can change the world by putting love (and smoke) into it. 

The Rules 

If you want to smoke with the best, you must follow these three rules: light it, puff it, pass it - because no one likes a blunt hog.

Legalize It 

Naturally, Snoop Dogg isn't shy about supporting the push to legalize marijuana. Sharing a pro-legalization quote from the Washington D.C. chief of police with his millions of followers, Snoop highlighted the well-documented relaxing, calming effects of weed.  

Light It Up

It's safe to bet that wherever you can find Snoop, a cloud of smoke will not be far behind. 

Leafs By Snoop 

Promoting his own "Leafs By Snoop" cannabis brand, the rapper proves that he truly stands behind his "medicate, elevate and put it in the air" guiding philosophy.


As pictured here, it's clear that Snoop always keeps extra bud on deck and is ready to light up at a moment's notice. 

Snoop's Crown 

Don't think you're ready to smoke with the king if you can't handle his crown because Snoop's rolling skills really are a work of art. 

Quality And Quantity 

Snoop isn't afraid to flex his stash for the 'Gram, not a seed or stem in sight. 

Merry Christmas

Even on December 25, "lighting up the tree" has an entirely different meaning in Snoop Dogg's world.