G Herbo and Taina Williams have quickly become one of our many relationship goals. Taina Williams, for the unaware, is the daughter of Emily Bustamante-- wife of Fabolous-- thus making her Loso's step-daughter. However these days, she's more known for her low-key yet still public-facing relationship with G Herbo. The two have seemingly progressed in their relationship as of late too, perhaps it's all that time in quarantine, but last we heard G Herbo was ready to put a ring on it-- and he even appeared in a TikTok video for his boo, so you know it's real. It seems like an opportune time then, to introduce Taina Williams in an Instagram Gallery. The stunning first lady of Herbo also doubles as a part-time model, with a role as a Savage x Fenty ambassador, among other things.

Check out our IG Gallery dedicated to the 22-year old most head-turning photos.

That lighting though

This particular photo had G Herbo antsy to make her wifey

Birthday Bodysuit 

Playin peek-a-boo

Matching fur

Girl Gang 

Twinning, again

A Boss Lady

Like water


Simply Sleek