At first, it felt like Instagram was biting SnapChat with their Stories function. As the years passed, both mediums have remained strong but Instagram clearly has the upper hand, boasting a huge number of daily users and allowing people to continually update their friends on what's going on in their lives through visual means. The developers at their headquarters have been trying out a few things in recent months, adding new filters and functions to the in-app camera. They have also seemingly been working hard to implement a new quiz function, allowing users to ask multiple-choice questions to their followers and see how well they know them.

Chesnot/Getty Images

You may have already noticed but this week, Instagram put forth a new mode in their Stories to allow their loyal following to ask questions to their own network. In the past, you were able to poll your followers or invite them to ask questions on your Story but now, you can assign a whole damn quiz to your friends. The sticker will let you know just how well your friends have been paying attention to your ramblings by asking them multiple-choice questions, giving them a chance to answer one of four possibilities.

Have you already tried out the new function? What do you think of it?