Way back when, Instagram introduced a feature that let you see when your followers were online and if they weren't, it let you know when they were last active. It only worked if you and a user started a chat and have been DMing each other. The photo-sharing app has now upped the ante by incorporating a green dot next to users profile photos to really let you know if they're available.

"You will only see status for friends who follow you or people who you have talked to in Direct," the official press release states. "You can easily hide your own status and turn off the ability to see when your friends are active in your settings."

The aesthetic matches the same layout as Facebook messenger and is just another way for Instagram to make its users use the app for daily communication, as much as possible.

Earlier this week we posted about the platform testing out the possible new feature of letting users remove followers. The update would come in handy for verified users who have trolls constantly commenting negative remarks on photos, since removing a follower will stop them from seeing your posts and being able to like or comment.