Just recently, Instagram introduced a new Insights feature that reveals to a user how much they are using the platform. Now, the social media juggernaut is planning to roll out "You're All Caught Up," a new function that aims to notify an individual when they've caught up on all the most recent posts on their feed. 

Some users have begun to encounter a mid-feed notice revealing that they have "seen all the new posts from the past 48 hours." This can be viewed as a potential solution to the public's indifference towards the switch from a chronological feed to an algorithmic one. Instagram admits that this feature is in its trial stage, and have not released any information on how it works or when it will be implemented in the app. 

This could also be an extension of Mark Zuckerberg's "Time Well Spent" initiative, which encourages Facebook users to increase the amount of meaningful time they spend on the platform. Zuckerberg's company also owns Instagram, which could explain these similar objectives.