After two nights of peaceful protests, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division has been asked to conduct an official investigation into the Wednesday arrests of Ricky and Travis Price. The arrests were streamed on Facebook Live by a nearby onlooker, which shows police punching the brothers repeatedly while they are on the ground. An internal investigation is currently being conducted by the Rock Hill Police Department.

Ricky Price was pulled over by Homeland Security officers and Rock Hill Police officers for an illegal turn and lane change. Ricky called his brother from inside the car while police searched it, finding two bags of marijuana, a handgun, and crack cocaine. The altercation started when Travis Price arrived and allegedly bumped into the officers while trying to grab items from the car. Travis was then also put under arrest, but refused until officers shoved him into a gas tank, claiming Travis had pushed them. At this point, Travis and Ricky Price engaged with officers while on the ground, though it's unclear to see what exactly was happening. 

Police protest

Sean Rayford/Getty Images

The abuse continued as the officers removed Ricky's handcuffs to take his jewelry off, but was knocked to the ground and punched in the face after he punched an officer. Ricky was denied bond for a number of crimes including drug and gun possession, and sits in a local jail in a wheelchair with two black eyes and a broken nose. The use of force that we see in the video is a perfect example of why African Americans today in certain parts of America are afraid of police," Price family attorney told CNN, "There's no justification for doing that to anybody."

Eight individuals were taken into custody Thursday night while protesting the violent arrest in Rock Hill. Rock Hill NAACP leader Norma Gray cautioned protesters to remain peaceful: "again we're asking for calm as you protest. Use your civil rights but do it in calm."